Between 2014 and 2017 I worked at Impraise, where I had a role in designing the core product across three platforms (web, iOS and Android) and developed a large portion of the web interface. I joined as the first designer and front-end developer as the company moved to San Francisco to take part in the Y Combinator summer 2014 batch. I then followed Impraise as it moved to Amsterdam, where it’s currently headquartered.

Being a passionate designer and developer at the same time, I had a role in taking certain features from concept, through design, to actual implementation. This allowed me to focus on the big-picture aspects of the product while also keeping a very high standard of design and engineering quality.

As a designer, I collaborated with the product team to keep our product’s design in constant evolution, culminating in the creation of a full-featured UI system that codifies the building blocks necessary for a designer or a developer to create consistent and high-quality interfaces for Impraise and includes a custom-designed icon set.

In my role as a developer, I built a substantial portion of Impraise’s web app. In this capacity, I took part in solving significant engineering problems and choosing the best-suited tools and technologies for the job.